Friday, October 14, 2011


I love Halloween! So many fun activities & things to make!!

Sophia is obsessed with everything Hawaiian, so it was so surprise when she said she wanted to be "Hawaiian". I took that to mean "hula girl". So I am in the process of making her costume- flowered headband, anklets, bracelets. I want to make her grass skirt out of 2 colors of tulle but I'm not sure If I will have the time.

I have been agonizing over what to have Camille be. I want them to have themed costumes, (you know, while I can get away with it.) I have a lobster costume, but she looks a boy in it. I really want something girly. So I thought of the perfect costume.. A Flamingo!!

I have all these ideas running through my head. I'm sketching out wings & headpieces. I cannot wait to get home so I can start making it! She is going to look flippin' adorable!


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  2. Sorry Alex, I just saw this now. Let me know if you ever need me to post a shout out again.