Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rebecca's Reusables Review and Giveaway

I was very excited to receive my package from Rebecca's Reusables!

She sent a regular pad and a panty liner to try out...look how gorgeous these are!!!

These are by far my favorite pads. They are so unbelievably soft...doesn't even feel like I was wearing  anything other than underwear.

Rebecca's Reusables regular pad is backed in anti pill fleece which is a moisture barrier meaning it doesn't let moisture through but still allows your body to breathe. The core is flannel and Zorb. Zorb is an amazing material that absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid. They are topped in suede cloth which pulls the moisture in and away from you leaving you feeling nice and dry.

The liner is constructed pretty much the same as the pad. The only difference is the liner does not contain Zorb. Which was nice because it made it much thinner for those light days.

I did not experience any leaks while wearing these pads and after washing there was no staining. (Always a plus!)

She makes amazing custom pads. Look at what she has created so far:

I adore her color choices!

She also makes custom snack bags and sandwich bags:

(Snack Size)

(Sandwich Size)

Rebecca's Reusable is also giving away a pad set! You can win a set of one of her regular pads and a panty liner! Look at what you can win!!!

want to enter to win this set??

Here's all the info you need to enter!

Links You Need To Enter

Thank you so much to Rebecca's Reusables for this opportunity!

Please note that the product in this review was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. All of the opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by any compensation..monetary or otherwise.


  1. Besides the pads, I also love the Custom made sandwich size reusable snack bag.

  2. Love the beautiful pad set and the sandwich bags! So cute!

  3. i didn't know that there were liners for these too. thanks!

  4. I'd get a custom made 8" liner in a blue batik print & purple suede cloth. :)