Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Windowsill Garden Part 1

S and I decided to try to make our own windowsill garden this year. For a few days, I collected some plastic containers to use as the pot of the plants. It saved me some money so that I didn't have to pay for a bunch of plant pots. Plus, the containers are all plastic so that if S accidentally knocks one over she won't hurt herself on shards of ceramic. The first thing we did was decorate the recycled containers to make them look a little cuter sitting on our sill.

Materials Needed:

Recycled Containers


Colorful Tissue Papers

Wax Paper (not shown)

Make sure you have all of the supplies ready before you get your child at the table to help!

Add a little water to the glue and mix well. This will make the glue more see through so you will see your paper better. Cut the tissue paper into squares. For toddlers, I would recommend larger squares as it will take them a long time with smaller squares. (Believe me, we started off with small squares and I quickly learned my mistake!)

Now your child can join in. Have him or her paint sections of the container with glue and then add a tissue paper square on top.

Keep layering the tissue paper until you can no longer see the writing on the container. Add different colors on top of each other for a really cool stained glass look!

Keep Going! Make sure you leave the bottom of the container blank. You don't want the glue and paper to stick to your windowsill!

Ta Da! The finished product
Put the pots bottom up on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Plan for it to dry for at least 24 hours before adding potting soil so that it doesn't stick to the tissue paper.

Cost of Project: FREE!
I recycled the containers. I already had brushes, glue and wax paper. For the tissue paper, I used some that I had been saving from a gift bag.

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  1. Your craft ideas are so original and fun. I can't wait to try some with my 2 daughters. I will definitely be visiting your blog page now that I know about it. You are very creative.