Thursday, May 20, 2010

Windowsill Garden Part 2

After your home made flower pots are dry you can continue on to this step. Haven't made your flower pots yet? Read back to HERE to see how to make one.

For this project we are going to be filling the pot and planting the seeds. Very good project to tie in science and math with the little ones!

Materials Needed:
Finished Flower Pots from THIS project
Potting Soil
Seeds (I chose tomatos)

First, fill the containers with the potting soil following the directions on the bag. Some brands may call for you to mix the soil with water. Make sure to keep the soil loose and not have it packed in tightly so that the roots will be able to grow.

Have your child help you make a few holes in the soil using their fingers. Be sure to space the holes by the amount suggested on the seed packaging. Next let the child count out the correct amount of seeds and have her place one seed in each hole.

Lightly cover the dirt. Do not push the dirt down, you will need it loose so that the seed will be able to push it's way through it. 

Water and place the pots on a sunny windowsill.
That's it! Your done! For older kids, have them talk about what they see happening to the plants every couple of days for a science lesson for them too!

Cost of Project: $3.19
Potting Soil at CVS- $2.99
1 Seed Packet from Walmart- $0.20
Flower Pots- Free

Plus, you will be getting vegetables in a few weeks from this project so that is an added bonus!

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